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Serial Killers

Serial KillersBy James Griffin

Derby Playhouse

Director: David Freeman

Serial Killers takes the audience behind the scenes of a fictional Australian soap opera, ‘Heart of Hearts’ and gives an insight into the backstabbing, sexually charged and vitriolic world of the soap’s writers. The ‘table of pain’ is where the dirty work takes place and where the show’s star Andrew Lomas (Dr Robert Gilligan in ‘Heart of Hearts’), despised by his own creators, will meet his fate.

As the plot becomes ever more ridiculous to keep the ratings up, the script writers' own lives provide as much scandal and entertainment as their characters. But a struggle for power ensues when the only actor from the original cast still left in the series finds it difficult to distinguish between television and reality.

A Soap Opera must have a theme tune, so the first task Kelvin faced was to find a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ yet authentic sound for ‘Heart of Hearts’.  Appointed with the job of lyricist and composer, Kelvin brought in Glenn Carter to perform the vocals and ‘Heart of Hearts’ was born!  Then there was the fun in creating the scenes from the show itself.  To make them look and sound real, yet at the same time a witty imitation of the real, proved to be an exciting and amusing experience for all the creative team. 

“Scenes in the storyliners’ chaotic office alternate with video sections of the cliffhanger moments they have produced. These are finely nuanced, played out with studied seriousness and falling neatly on the right side of parody.”
The Stage

Serial Killers - Music & Lyrics Copyright Kelvin Towse 2005
Heart of Hearts Sung by Glenn Carter

Video clips from Serial Killers may be found on the Music page.

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