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Book & Lyrics Mike Rooke

Ratsss! is a comic family musical, with an environmental theme, based on the struggle between rats and human kind.

Based on a simple and exciting story line, Ratsss! has been written for family audiences. The comic streetwise rat-pack characters aren’t just figures of fun, but sinister grotesque creations. Victims of persecution and successive purges, the vagrant rats are scavengers enjoying scraps from their master’s table.

Will the Minister of Pests get his results, a rat-crazed scientist live her dream or a clumsy catcher, with his dog and ferrets, finally collect his reward?

Kelvin was approached by Mike Rooke, who had already put together a libretto with lyrics, to compose the songs for Ratsss!, prior to an entry into the Vivien Ellis Prize in 2000.  Of the 186 entries, it reached the final ten selected musicals, receiving some positive and useful feedback on the script and score:

”The composer tackles various styles of music with ease.”

“Healthy and engaging lyrics”

“A good strong comic plot with a great ending.”

Ratsss! - When You’ve Gone - 1999 Copyright Kelvin Towse
Sung by Linda Jane Holmes

More audio clips from Ratsss! may be found on the Music page.

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