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BBC OneComposer

Producer/Director: Roger Corke

PanoramaDirector Roger Corke asked Kelvin to write a simple melody that could be treated in several different ways, to evoke various moods throughout the film, though making it clear that it is one suite of music. With this in mind, Kelvin set about finding this one theme from which he would be able to create a sense of anxiety, urgency, sadness and hope, all of which Roger would portray in the film. With so much to capture in a short, simple melody, Kelvin was a little anxious himself when it came to present Roger with his first ideas, yet hope was there as he declared it to be “perfect”. However, as we approached the transmission date, the investigation took a different turn and Roger now required another ‘Suite’ of music with a melody that would suggest tension without being ‘Hammer Horror’. This would be to introduce The Consultant, the leading character in this investigation, who had finally agreed to be interviewed. With many more twists and turns as time ticked away, finally, with 45 minutes to spare, the film was ready for broadcast.

Panorama - The Story - 2006 Copyright Kelvin Towse

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