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Merlin & The Winter King

Merlin & The Winter KingBy Karen Louise Hebden

Composer/Musical Director
Derby Playhouse

Director: Stephen Edwards

The legendary tale of Arthur, the boy who became King by pulling the sword from the stone, told through the eyes of his guide and mentor, Merlin.

6th century, Celtic, plainsong was the brief for this score, so to give us a sense of old England, Kelvin featured the whistle and also the tenor recorder, alongside the orchestral, to produce this epic.  Add a couple of drummers beating rhythmically throughout each battle and the rest is history!

"The original score, written by Kelvin Towse, is outstanding, evoking a time before the beginning of history."
UK Theatre Network

"Kelvin Towse's music is good too, persuasively medieval in its festive as in its religious measures."
The Times

“spectacular family entertainment”
The Guardian

“There is high drama in the tribal drumming and the jets of flame that shoot out of the ground to encircle Excalibur but there is mystery too and a kind of holiness in the courtly dance, the early English plainsong and carols and the mirroring of a Christmas message of hope and peace.”
The Stage

Merlin & The Winter King - The Battle - 2004 Copyright Kelvin Towse
Soprano Saxophone: Rebecca Coxen - Photos by Keith Pattison

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