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FrankensteinBy Mary Shelley, adapted by Stephen Edwards

Composer/Musical Director
Derby Playhouse

Director: Uzma Hameed

Ambitious young scientist Victor Frankenstein leaves his loving family and beautiful fiancÚ to study medicine in Ingolstadt. Whilst there he becomes obsessed with learning the secret of creating life and successfully develops a fully formed ‘man’ using the deceased remains of a convict. When Victor disowns his creation, the creature is filled with rage and threatens to destroy everything that Victor loves.

Charged with creating an electric score for this new look at Shelley’s monster tale, Kelvin literally used a combination of pulsing electricity samples and throbbing heartbeats fused with an orchestral score to bring to life an undercurrent of tension and fear.

“This Frankenstein is a persuasive composite of high-tech staging and old-fashioned melodrama, so carefully fused you can barely see the bolt through its neck.”
The Guardian

Frankenstein - The Creature - 2004 Copyright Kelvin Towse
Photos by Keith Pattison & Robert Day

Another audio clip from Frankenstein may be found on the Music page.

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