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Animal Farm

Animal FarmBy George Orwell, adapted by Peter Hall

Musical Director
Derby Playhouse

Director: Stephen Edwards

A musical dramatisation that transforms Orwell's 20th Century political 'fairy story' into a remarkable and inspirational stage hit.

Led by the pigs, the animals on Mr Jones’s farm revolt and declare ‘All Animals are Equal’. But they soon discover that some animals are more equal than others.

With a cast of 36, of which only 9 were professional actors, Kelvin was presented with the task of coaching two teams of 27 performers from  the Egg Theatre Academy, to realise the score of over 30 numbers.  With many not having sung before and the majority not reading music the job of teaching them to sing in 4 part harmony seemed at times to be an up-hill battle.  Couple this with creating an ‘orchestral’ accompaniment single handed whilst conducting from two keyboards and the difficulties increased.  However, with dedication and lots of hard work all-round, the results were a resounding success. 

Though the score was written by Richard Peaslee, Kelvin was asked by director Stephen Edwards to set the words of a poem in the script to music and also add underscore to underpin most of the action, staying true to Richard’s original style, of course.

The Times  

“Great credit to musical director Kelvin Towse, who not only provides a rich orchestral backing but whose score becomes effectively sinister as the pigs exert their inexorable grip on power.”
Derby Evening Telegraph

“Musical director Kelvin Towse manages to sound like an orchestra.”
BBC Derby Online

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